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The  following  organizations  have   been  providing invaluable support to the CO Multiversity in its continuing work with the various sectors of society:

For the past seven years, the Ford Foundation, a resource for innovative people   and  institutions  worldwide,  has  supported  CO   Multiversity’s  institutional  development,  the  organizing  program  for  the urban poor communities  along  the  Pasig  River,  the CO Learning Consultations, the customized consultancies and regional assemblies of people organizations.

Misereor, the German Catholic Church’s agency for overseas development cooperation, has been supporting the PhilCOS program since 1997.

The   Canadian     Catholic   Organization   for Development and Peace (CCODP)  provided  funds  for  the  Issue  Based Community Organizing Training  Program in  Mt. Banahaw,  Quezon  and for the CO Multiversity’s institutional development.

The Asia Foundation (TAF) has maintained its support for the  training  course  on  Empowering Dispute Resolution/Management Processes (EDR/MP) since its inception in 1997.

Oxfam-Great Britain  also  supported  the CO training program for people’s organizations.

Since 1997, the International Labour Organization’s International  Programme  on the Elimination  of  Child  Labor (ILO-IPEC) has been funding the child labor program in  Rodriguez,  Rizal,  which  includes   research,  training, organizing  and  educational assistance affecting the larger community as well.

The   United   Nations   Development  Program- Human Resource Development  (UNDP-HRD)  funds  the capability building and training program of 16 Peace and Development Communities in Mindanao.

 PARFUND  provided  funds  for  the  CO  training  program  for people’s organizations and the Taskforce Sugar lands Project.

 Mondragon Foundation, Inc. and  the  Philippine Support Service Agency (PHILSSA) supported the Project Shelter for the urban poor communities living along the Pasig River.

Foundation  for  the  Philippine  Environment (FPE) provided assistance  for the 1999 Earth Day Campaign and the conduct of  the 3rd General Assembly of the Philippine Community Organizers Society (PhilCOS).

 Foundation  for  a  Sustainable  Society Incorporated (FSSI) provided support for the  First Batch of the Successor Generation Program  and  the 3rd General Assembly of the Philippine Community Organizers Society (PhilCOS).

 The  World  Bank  funded  the  regional consultations with civil society  organizations  to  assess  its  Country Assistance Strategy. 


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