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Board of Trustees 



 Empowered communities engaged with other stakeholders in working towards sustainable development.


 As a learning center, we enhance capacities of COs, POs,   and other development organizations by creating and nurturing innovative, culturally-sensitive and empowering community processes in partnership with other stakeholders.


 1. To expand and nurture the critical mass of      committed and high caliber COs and  PO leaders

 2.  Crafting of people’s agenda as integral part of CO  training - enhance CO  methodology by incorporating in the IBCO the advancement of the  people’s agenda for good governance

 3.  To build and replicate model of NGO leadership  formation CO models in (urban housing, child labor, tri-people peace) and development  approaches dispute resolution as tools for social transformation

 4.   Promote  participatory technologies towards  influencing policy making governance, strengthening grassroots initiatives

 5.   To strengthen financial organizational capability  towards sustainability.



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Community Organizing (CO) 

C O Multiversity CO Library