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CO Multiversity

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Organizational  Profile

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CO Multiversity is part of  the PHILSSA a network of urban NGOs that responds to the needs and concerns in the  urban areas. CO Multiversity is also part of the Philippine Jubilee Network that seeks to end debt servicing to creditors.  In line with the Earth Day  it is also an active campaigner  for the Earthday Network 2000, an international environment campaign.  CO Multiversity also plays an  important role both regional and international networks on housing rights and concerns such as ACHR (Asian Coalition for Housing Rights), AWAS (Asian Women and Shelter Network)  and HICWAS (Habitat International Coalition  Women and Shelter Committee). It is also link with BALAY-CODEWAN a network of housing and urban poor support group that uses the  Internet and wide area network for advocacy.  With  rural  concerns the CO Multiversity’s Exec. Vice-President is the current Chairperson of the Phil. Agrarian Reform Foundation. PhilCOS is also the network of community organizers of all over the Philippines whose secretariat is being managed by CO Multiversity.  The Mediators Network for Sustainable Peace (MEDNET) is a network of mediators and negotiators that is promoting  empowering disputes resolution management processes and the CO Multiversity is the secretariat. 


A. Tricor

1) Urban Poor Associates (UPA)

2) Community Organization for Philippine Enterprise (COPE)


B. Community partners

1) Luntian Alyansa para sa Bundok Banahaw (LABB)


3) PARAWAGAN Federation

4) PANAGTAGBO - Mindanao

5) Peace and Development Advocates - Mindanao

6) NFL Cavite




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